Behavioural Analysis

Monitor, predict and protect

About this product

Behavioural Analysis uses non intrusive sensor-based technology to identify, manage and predict agitation in prisoners, including those with dementia, or autism, Alzheimer’s wandering, alongside monitoring sedentary behaviour and fall detection.

Monitoring prisoner movements, whilst recording changes in the local environment allows alerts to be raised for possible incidents, whilst utilising Artificial Intelligence to analyse the data to identify triggers of the agitation and associated trends.

Key Benefits

  • Behaviour monitoring - Enables predictive, preventive and personalised healthcare.
  • Lowers operational costs - Through a reduction in the frequency, severity and duration of agitation episodes.
  • Enhances officer safety - Gives officers greater situational awareness of agitation episodes before entering the cell.
  • Improves prisoner safety - Officers are able to react more quickly to safety concerns.
  • Empowers officers - Provides real time information about the behavioural status of prisoners.
  • Improves staff and prisoner social interaction - Facilitates staff time for meaningful engagement and individual interaction with prisoners.
  • Reduces workplace stress - Better management of potentially stressful and traumatic events.